The Caravan

So we bought a caravan.

An old 1995 caravan complete with floral curtains.

Now we are proper grown ups with a dog we realised that if we ever wanted to go away we would have to take him with us…or pay a few hundred pounds for kennels. A caravan seemed the perfect option, nice and safe for Gunnar and provide us with a few more home comforts than our tent.

We found it on preloved and loved it right away. I’m now pinning caravan makeovers like crazy (see my board here).

We have a few ideas – wallpaper, a coat of paint and some new curtains. The hardest bit seems to be finding suitable fabric!

So let me introduce you, here are the before photos

The dining area (also turns into a single bed) the door leads to the bathroom
The kitchen – oven, grill and hob, sink and fridge
The sofa (that converts into a double bed)
The cocktail cabinet(!), TV unit and heater
The full length shot (excuse the water tank in the middle of the room!)

New start

Welcome to my new site.  “Happy Go Lucy” has come about after a few years of half-hearted attempts at blogging. I don’t know whats change but something has, I’m ready to do this, to put myself and my thoughts out there. I’ve revamped the look, chosen a new name and really thought about what I’d like to read.

Here’s what I thought of:

Fashion and style advice for real, working women who can’t and frankly don’t want to spend £600 on a pair of heels but do want to look a bit stylish and you know, nice.

Beauty reviews for products that are easy to get hold of, that are simple to use and work.

Food – recipes and ideas, reviews of supermarket short cuts that are worth your money (we ALL have frozen pizza in the freezer, why not share the good ones?)

Home and interiors: there are so many talented and stylish people on instagram sharing their homes ‘how to’ type posts seem a bit redundant, but lists of good shops and suppliers, ideas and inspirational people to follow would be useful.

General life stuff, I love reading about people – whats in their handbags, how they spend the weekend, cute pics of their dogs… what we often find mundane is crazy interesting to others.


What this blog won’t be

Snobby – primark or prada, aldi or waitrose…I don’t care, if its useful, beautiful and works I’ll include

A How to be perfect list – quite frankly I have no desire to live in a pale grey, cashmere wrapped world of artisan latte and green juice. Lets just be a bit real OK

Braggy – Everyone has good things and bad things in life, I’ll covert your house and you’ll wish you had my hair…it happens. This will be a snapshot of my life – yes one where I hide the ironing pile and make sure I put my lippy on – but to all extents it will be real and honest. I work for a living and don’t have a never-ending supply of cash…but I make the most of what I have and appreciate the little things. I truly believe being grateful for everything we have is the answer to happiness. Just because I take pretty pictures of my life it doesn’t devalue yours.


Its free gift time again at Boots!



I love this time of year!

If you are in the market for some new make up or are looking for some stocking fillers for friends and family now is the time to head to Boots!

Today I replaced my Max Factor foundation £12.99 and bought a mini nail varnish £4.99 and received a full size mascara, primer and lipgloss in a make up bag.


I also bought a Revlon liquid eyeliner £6.99 and replaced a bronzer £9.99 and received a full size mascara, lipstick, nail varnish and highlighter.

There are also similar offers on L’Oreal, No 7, Boujois and Rimmel and Soap and Glory.

Get shopping!



and then there was three…


So I hinted in my last post that I’d made a big change…and I did!

Welcome Gunnar!

He is a super cute border collie / black lab cross that we picked up from a local farm a few weeks ago. I had underestimated how much work was involved with bringing home a puppy – waking up every couple of hours to let him out, holding his paw while he fell asleep (yes really!) and the unlimited amount of cuddles he demand everyday! But I wouldn’t change a thing.

We have been very lucky and he seems a happy little chap that enjoys learning new things and that responds well to treats. We have settled into a little family routine and it now feels like we’ve always had him.



Getting my sh*t together

Image from Sainsbury’s – check out their delivery options I received lots of coupons and free delivery! 

Have you ever had one of those moments when you think “I got this, I’m a grown up!”?

I have recently and it was over the most ridiculous thing…I placed an online supermarket shop.

It was Friday night, I was home and placed an order. That was it. But the impact really shook me up.

I would like to clarify at this point I have a pretty healthy obsession with internet shopping and receive packages more often than my bank manager would like but I’ve never ordered food. 

The next day my delivery arrived. As I unpacked it I just felt so organised and…grown up.

Im 34, I have a mortgage, a car, a job and a husband – I should really  already feel grown up but quite often I feel like I’m going to be found out, that I’m still 17 playing house.

So what is the life changing impact of this delivery? Its sparked a “get your sh*t together” change that means i am tidying the kitchen before I go to bed, keeping on top of my ironing and filing the box of paperwork we have been collecting for the last year.  I have also started to buy things ‘for Christmas’ (ok a case of rose, a case of prosecco and a box of mini cheddars but still…)

I also made a call and did something my husband and I have been talking about for the last few years…more of that next time!

Favourite Beauty Buys: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I love reading beauty recommendations and thought I would share some of mine. By definition I think a  ‘favourite’ ought to be something you wear regularly and have repurchased more than once. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is both.

I first bought the flash balm for my wedding. I’d stopped at a Clarins counter to ask for make up advice and the adviser suggested I try it. Two years on and I use it pretty much everyday. I’m still not quite sure why it is so magic but it just makes my skin look better. It acts as a primer,  brightens and tightens. A little goes a long way and whilst quite pricey a tube will last you forever.

Available here

Drugstore makeup for Spring

drugstore spring make up.JPG


I don’t know about you but a bit of sunshine and suddenly everything starts to feel old and I want shiny new things! I had a bit of a spree in boots last week, all ‘drugstore’ purse friendly buys – many on offer!

Bourjois City Radiance skin protecting foundation

This has an anti-pollution screen, SPF 30 and radiance-boosting pigments according to the tube. This was heavier than I thought it would be but doesn’t look cakey on the skin. It blends well and is fairly long lasting – perfect for a day at work. I’m usually the palest colour in foundations and had to go up to 02 Vanilla, so if you’re pale this could work for you.

Bourjois little round pot nude editions in 02 Generose

These single eyeshadow pots are a bit of a classic. This is a lovely shimmery champagne colour without too much glitter making it a flattering everyday colour.


Bourjois Rouge Edition in 05 Fushsiamallow

I love the rouge velvet range and was really pleased with the new colours for spring. This is a pretty watermelon pink that isn’t too showy but definitely packs a punch. It is a semi sheer matt colour which is flattering on the skin and despite being a bold colour isn’t too out there for daytime. This works on my pale skin but I think it would look beautiful with a tan too.


Bourjois Little pot blusher in 95 Rose de Jaspe

Another classic buy. I like that these bushers are finely milled and have a slight sheen to them. The fact that the packaging is pretty and it comes with a mirror and (slightly useless but still) brush makes it all the better.


Soap and Glory Thick and Fast HD Collagen-coat Mascara

My first Soap and Glory make up product and I quite like it. Its a good lengthening mascara in a strong black. It didn’t flake or smudge but was a bit of a nightmare to remove at night.


Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in Rose and Shine

A standard sticky gloss in a pretty pink that tingles when you apply. I’m not sure about this yet!


Collection Intense Colour Supersoft Kohl Pencil

This is a bargain of a pencil! Soft, smudgeable and a good strong black colour. Much better than pencils 10x the price!


Revlon Colourstay 16 Hour Eye shadow quad in 500 Addictive

Lovely matt neutral eyeshadows – not sure about the 16 hour claim though! These aren’t as soft and pigmented as some on the market but its a good buy for your work make up bag. I like the two darkest colours to shade along the crease and lash line when using the Bourjois shade above all over the lid.

March buys

Black and grey Nike Cortez trainers

Thinking about considered purchases I did quite well, even if I did spend more than I usually do!

Black and grey Nike Cortez trainers



The Trainers

When I was 15 I saved up my wages from waitressing and bought a pair of white and lime green Nike Cortez trainers. I wore them until they fell apart. I wore them with skirts, dresses, shorts and jeans. I truly loved them. Fast forward 18 years and Cortez trainers are back in the shops. These black and grey beauties go with everything and are like slippers. I often find flat shoes and trainers are the worst for blisters but I’ve not had any breaking in pain with these. I adore them!

Great Plains Denim Shirt Dress

The Dress

I already have a denim dress that I bought from H and M about three years ago. I’ve worn it to festivals, holidays in Rome and Texas, for cocktails with heels and over leggings and boots in the winter. Its a workhorse, but nothing lasts forever and my favourite dress is starting to look tired. This new beauty from Great Plains is slightly longer and feels a bit smarter. I bought it when there was a 20% off offer on, I’ve not regretted it.

Warehouse Black Shoulder Bag

The Bag

I’ve been watching this little Warehouse bag since January. My sister gave me vouchers for my birthday and despite carrying them around in my purse by the time I got back to my local branch it was out of stock. Over the Easter break I spotted it in the Warehouse concession in Debenhems – on sale! Its a lovely classic shape and goes to show that considered doesn’t have to mean expensive.

UGG Blayre II Boots

The wildcard

These boots spoke to me. Whilst shopping for trainers I spotted them in Office. I’ve never coverted a pair of UGG boots before. I tried them on and felt their blissful warmth and comfort. I thought of wearing them with jeans and dresses with thick black tights. I thought of how I ALWAYS have cold feet. Then I looked at the price £165 and walked away. A week passed, then another whilst I kept an eye out for Office discount vouchers then I saw it – they were on sale for £85! I went back – out of stock in my size, I went online – out of stock in my size, I looked at all the other stockests…nothing. Why is it that as soon as you can’t have something you want it all the more? Anyway a bit more research and I found a pair on Very, a few clicks and they arrived the next day. I know they aren’t the most stylish item in my wardrobe but I love them. This month when I’ve not been in Nikes I’ve been in these.



Repeat purchases: Good Things skincare



I find skincare confusing. I read lots of blogs that seem to just recommend throwing money at creams but my skin is so tempemental that sometimes, no matter how well recommended, they just don’t suit me and it goes to waste.

I read about Good Things in the Sali Hughes’ column for the Guardian. I’d always dismissed this brand thinking it was aimed at teenagers; so was interested to read about their facial oil. A trip to Boots later and I was stocked up. I tried the Argan Oil Moisture Boost Facial Serum, Argan Oil Perfecting Facial OilArgan Oil Time Rewind Day Cream and the Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser and… I really like them. They don’t make any big scientific claims but my skin looks nicer after using them. They smell nice which makes using them a pleasure – and I find that’s its more about a consistant routine with my skin rather than wonder products.

I’ve just repurchased the oil and serum and the argan oil day cream. This feels more moisturising than the honey version on my sometimes dry skin. I use the serum followed by the oil at night and the serum and day cream under my make up. It soaks in quickly and isn’t greasy.

These tend to be on offer quite often at Boots but even at full price I think most of the range is under £10 which seems pretty unheard of at the moment.

Definitely worth a look.

Not sponsored just my own opinion!

The considered purchase

Old navy and Bloomindale carrier bags

Old navy and Bloomindale carrier bags

If you read a lot of blogs, are addicted to Instagram or spend hours lost on Pinterest no doubt you will have heard the term ‘capsule wardrobe’ over and over again. Its all part of ‘The Internet’s’ obsession with living simply and sparking joy. Looking at my Insta feed it seems we all want to be minimalists living in a  Scandinavian inspired, monochrome world. The capsule wardrobe limits your clothes to 30-40 pieces (yes clothes become ‘pieces’)and you wear these for three months at a time before rotating in new pieces for each season. It sounds great but in reality…it sounds stressful. I do like the idea of buying less and buying well though and making your wardrobe work for you.

This is where I will introduce you to the Considered Purchase. This is guilt free shopping without restrictions or rules. There is no ‘one in, one out’, no only spending x amount on clothes, just buy what you need. Yes I said Need.

I understand that in reality very few of us ‘Need’ any more clothes to fulfil the actual purpose of clothes – warmth, modesty et etc. Need in these terms are things that will work in your wardrobe and enable you to get more wear out of other items you already own.

Another important point is that this isn’t about how much you spend. I try and treat every purchase to the same criteria, whether its a £5 t-shirt or an expensive coat – does it fit well?, feel nice?, can I wear it with three other items in my wardrobe?

Its also not just about sensible or classic items.  Every wardrobe needs a bit of whimsy, a bit of colour or sparkle…I don’t expect you to wear a party dress three ways – but you could think of three occasions coming up where you could wear it.